Jan is a remarkable woman. A teacher, helper, and wise devoted healer.

In tune with the world around her, Jan’s gentle, calming spirit flows through every inch of her life and work. Gifted with caring hands that heal, she helped me reset the balance in my life. Her dedication to help others find their inner peace is inspirational.

A true master of her craft. A truly wonderful person to know.

Emily Price

I visit Jan regularly for her guided meditations in her wonderful healing hub, She is warm and welcoming, Always goes the extra mile to please others.

I have seen Jan for a tarot reading which left me feeling more at ease with a particular issue I had been struggling with, extremely accurate and feel happier with the choices I have made.

I have also seen Jan for EFT. I have never experienced before and would highly recommend! Someone who suffers with anxiety, I felt very comfortable being in a state of emotional release.

Will be booking for more healing!

Karla Brown

How would I define describe and give due diligence as deserved to Jan’s meditation group…well I would have to say come and try for yourself.
You are lifted into a world of energies, enjoyment and encouragement. The universal energies work effortlessly with Jan’s openness to them and the hour in her company and theirs is a sheer delight.
Be uplifted with the beautiful cards she uses as always on point and supportive.
Then rest back easing into the meditations with the soft sensitive calm of her voice and travel …well where ever your mind soul and spirit takes you in absorbing her words….but there is more …get ready to ride the waves of energies and sounds of the intriguing and ever changing drum journey she goes on to provide….it may confirm your meditation experience but it can also take you much further if you choose it.
I cannot recommend this lovely lady and her beautiful energies enough and I would encourage anyone to come and join her as she weekly carries you on exquisite energetic journeys of word and sounds…a joy not to be missed and as always thank you for you Jan.
Karen 13.1.22