Tarot Guidance

£40 In-Depth Tarot Consultation

Our future is not mapped out for us. It is created by our choices and actions. Tarot cards use symbolism and pictures to tell a story. They explore where you are now, past and future influences and advice to help you grow and develop on your personal journey. Tarot offers understanding and guidance to help us make informed choices about our future from that moment on.

After reading Tarot for the past 30 years for myself and friends I decided that it was time to further my knowledge and develop my skills as a tarot reader. I completed a very informative and inspiring year’s course with a professional tarot reader, exploring a wide selection of tarot cards, spreads and gained experience in reading for others.

A typical tarot reading starts with looking at where you are now and areas that need looking at with the Ryder Waite deck.

I then move onto my favourite tarot cards – The Druidcraft deck to look at ways forward, advice and creative suggestions for you.

All readings can either be in person, following the COVID guidelines, or I can offer you a reading online via zoom.

I publish daily guidance from the Oracle Cards every week day. Come on over to my facebook page, click the link below to like and follow my page to receive your Card for the Day.