Reiki and Crystal Healing

£60 for all Reiki Sessions

£25 for Distance Reiki Healing

Bespoke 1:1 Crystal Grid Consultation £50

Cancellation Policy: For a full refund, please give 24 hours notice of any cancellation, or with regret, the full fee will apply.

First of all what is Reiki?  The word Reiki pronounced ‘Ray-Kee’ is derived from the Japanese word to mean ‘universal life-force energy’ or ‘spiritual energy’.  Rei translated as higher wisdom, spirit, soul, sacred and ki as  life force energy.

Reiki as a spiritual practise is a safe, gentle, non-invasive hands on healing technique which is very relaxing and helps bring the body back into balance.  The Reiki practitioner is a channel for this beautiful life force energy which is transmitted through the hands to envelop the recipient in loving, glowing, spiritual light.

Reiki treats the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually clearing away negative energy and removing energy blocks.  This brings the body back into balance enabling healing to take place where it is needed.  A Reiki treatment will leave the recipient feeling relaxed, balanced and in harmony with life.

Reiki energy is gentle using a non-intrusive hands-on healing technique which uses spiritual energy that can help with physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage.

Not only will Reiki relax you with its gentle healing energy, it will support and encourage your personal growth and spiritual awareness.  Anyone can benefit from a course of Reiki treatments, no matter what your age or your state of health and beneficial changes can take place over a fairly short space of time.

Reiki can produce:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Boosted energy levels
  • A feeling of inner calm, Contentment and serenity
  • A speeding up of the natural healing process

Reiki can also help you to:

  • Feel more positive, confident and better able to cope
  • Deal better with stressful people and difficult situations
  • Develop a strong sense of purpose and clear-thinking
  • Remove some of the ‘clutter’ from your life
  • Enjoy a better quality of life

Crystal Reiki Sessions

Crystal Reiki combines a relaxing Reiki treatment with the addition of my beautiful crystals.

Crystals have a vibrational energy unique to their place of origin and can be used to focus Reiki energy.

Have you ever seen sunlight on a crystal prism creating beautiful colours; Reiki energy works in the same way.  As the Reiki energy passes through the crystal it creates an energetic resonance within the body, just like the refracted light passing through a crystal prism.

During a Crystal Reiki session we will begin with creating a personalised Crystal Grid to focus your intention for the session.

Distance Reiki Sessions

Reiki Distance healing is as effective as 1:1, face to face Reiki treatments, yet in the comfort of your own home.

After an initial consultation I will set up a Crystal Grid for you and we begin with a watts app message to help you prepare to receive Reiki.  Then it is time for you to sit back and relax while I send Reiki energy to you over the Universal Energy Waves.  At the end of the session I will send you a watts app message to help you to ground.

I will send you a picture of the Crystal Grid with an explanation of which crystals were used in the grid and why.

Reiki and Tarot

Reiki and Tarot is a combined session.

We will start with some Tarot guidance then you can relax with Reiki healing as you integrate the messages from your Tarot guidance.

This is very popular.


I teach Reiki I, Reiki II and Crystal Reiki, so if you would like to learn how to work with this beautiful energy, then do please get in touch.

Teaching dates will be on the events page of my website.

Reiki Drum Healing

An exciting new addition to my Reiki practise has been the combination of Reiki and Drumming.

The drumming introduces another element to the treatment. The vibration of the drum facilitates Reiki energy to enter into a person’s energy field which brings about deep relaxation, thereby releasing deep seated tensions and facilitating a sense of peace.

On a spiritual level, the vibrations of the drum beat encourage mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies to realign and chakras to become balanced, resulting in emotional and mental harmony. Our consciousness shifts and we are able to reach our true spiritual selves.

For me as a Reiki practitioner the Reiki Drumming has enabled me to add another dimension to the sessions. I love drumming and once the Reiki energy takes over the drum takes on a life of its own!

The vibrations of the drum clears negative energy and reaches those dark recesses where the energy gets stuck.

Come along and enjoy a 1:1 Reiki Drum treatment which is deeply relaxing, facilitating a sense of peace and relaxation.

Let’s tune into the vibration of the drum together and clear away that stuck energy to make room for positive vibrations to come into your life.

1:1 Bespoke Crystal Grid Consultation

A crystal grid places crystals in a specific formation that creates an energy field that channels the energy of the crystals.

Think of how much more effective a football team is to a solitary player.  In the same way the crystals work together as a cohesive team to amplify the focus and the intention.

Crystal grids are energetic transmitters that work on the harmonic resonance of sacred geometry.  Sacred Geometry Symbolism is used to focus the intention of the grid.

During the consultation we will discuss what issue you would like to address and set an intention for this bespoke crystal grid.

The crystals in each part of the layout have their own job to do:

The centre stone is the anchor for your grid.  The crystal we choose for your centre stone will determine the hub of what energy you want to send out.  Most times you will find that a quartz crystal is a great crystal to place at the centre of a crystal grid.  Clear quartz works well with other crystals.  It is easy to programme with your intentions and works with all levels of your physical and spiritual body.

Alternatively you could choose another colour of quartz dependent on your focus for the grid.  Lighter coloured stones are preferable as they won’t dominate the energy of the grid.

The surrounding stones act as a conduit for the energy emanating from the central stone.  What we are trying to achieve now is a pathway for the energy to travel along.

When we plan a journey we use a road map to plan our journey, you can use a crystal grid in the same way.  The surrounding stones are the roads that you will use to direct the energy.

The crystals choosen for the surrounding stones will complement and enhance the energies of the centre stone and are usually smaller in size.  The crystals will be chosen for their purpose and colour.

The intention crystals are the outer circle of crystals which set the intention.  You can:

  • speak your intention
  • or write your intention down and place it underneath the crystal grid.

The energy moves from the central hub of the grid along the route you have chosen and now the energy is focused on the intention you have set.

The intention crystals should be selected for the purpose of the grid and specifically focus on the issue.

Your crystal grid will be posted to you along with the Sacred Geometry base plate.

Building a relationship with your crystals

Crystals can be used individually yet using them in a grid can amplify the energy and the focus on the intention.

I have used Crystal Grids with great success:

“Thank you very much for my crystal grid.  The information and instructions you sent to me were very clear and I love the explanation that you gave for why you chose each of the crystals needed to complete the grid.   It helps to understand why certain crystals are appropriate for the grid I requested.   I wrote my affirmation on the grid, as advised and set it up on the green cloth and I have to say that lots of opportunities have started to show up and it has changed the energy for me.”

The Crystal Grid kit will contain:

  • a Sacred Geometry Symbol printed for you to lay your crystals on,
  • crystals to place on the grid and
  • information sheet about your crystals and how to work with your grid.

Crystal Kits

I also have a selection of crystal kits for:



Peace and Tranquility



If you fancy a crystal kit made just for you pop over to my shop where you will find a selection of crystal kits.