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How would you like to transform your fear into excitement, your anxiety into anticipation and your depression into a feeling of wellness and I’ve got this!

I am offering 1:1 Meditation and Tapping sessions for half price throughout the whole of June.

These sessions will be focusing on the Chakras. We will work together through meditation and the magic of EFT tapping.

Our Chakras are the energy portals in our body through which we perceive the outside world. In these unprecedented times many of you will be experiencing fear, anxiety and depression.

Keeping your chakras healthy will help you to remain balanced and we can use the magic of tapping to release negative and stuck energy, leaving you refreshed, revitalised and re-energised.

We will focus on the chakra that needs healing, balancing for you to be able to move forwards with your life.

Each session will start with a chakra meditation followed by EFT tapping to release any negative or stuck energy.


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