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Ever feel that things just don’t seem to be working for you. Don’t despair a Crystal Grid Consultation might just be what you are looking for.

The consultation can take place over email or skype where we can discuss what is going on for you and where you feel stuck.

I will then send you your very own personal selection of crystals, with instructions on how to place them on your Crystal Grid.

For the Crystal Grids I use Chakra symbols printed out onto canvas so you can use it again and again.

To find out if this is for you, view our more detailed description below.

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This Crystal Grid was for a client who wanted to maintain the flow of abundance.

We talked about how she felt she was not manifesting what she would like with her business and whether she was running away from success just when she is about to achieve it. She has moved several times and wondered if she was running away, as just before she gets to the point where she might be successful, she moves on or runs away from success.

We discussed how trouble creating and maintaining abundance in your life, may be an indication that you have a blocked root chakra. The root chakra is your connection to the physical world, it is your survival centre – your fight or flight response. If you focus on balancing the Root Chakra first, then you will be building solid foundations thus giving you security, stability and rootedness which will enable you to grow and develop both physically and spiritually. With such a strong foundation it will help you to feel secure and protected. This will enable you to be successful in your endeavours and to make good connections in business and family life. Commitment and focus to reach your goals along with the stamina to complete projects will help you to achieve your heart’s desires. Thus a balanced Root Chakra can bring health, prosperity, security and stability. A balanced Root chakra will help you gain the tools to attain wealth. Keep in mind that wealth doesn’t always mean money. True abundance resides within.

This is what she said about her Crystal Grid:

“Thank you very much for my crystal grid.  The information and instructions you sent to me were very clear and I love the explanation that you gave for why you chose each of the crystals needed to complete the grid.   It helps to understand why certain crystals are appropriate for the grid I requested.   I wrote my affirmation on the grid, as advised and set it up on the green cloth and I have to say that lots of opportunities have started to show up and it has changed the energy for me.”

Thank you so much.

Book your Crystal Grid Consultation here for just £30.

I look forward to working with you.


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