Gong Sound Meditation

£65 for an hour and a half

Cancellation Policy: For a full refund, please give 24 hours notice of any cancellation, or with regret, the full fee will apply.

Jan and the Gongs would like to welcome you to the Holistic Wellbeing Hub.

Deeply relaxing in a safe and nurturing space.

A time just for you to bring balance and harmony back into your life.

As we step into the gong space we experience the beauty of our world, our bodies and our minds.

We are bathed in the beautiful sights and sounds of the gongs.

I offer 1:1 gong sound meditations when you will be able to make a deep connection with the gongs and private group gong baths (up to 3 people) in person at the Holistic Wellbeing Hub.

As you immerse yourself in the sounds and vibrations of the gongs you will  feel it on your skin, in your body, in your heart and mind.  You will  feel it in your soul and your very essence.

For me, it opens up the enormity of the brain, enabling me to spread my wings and fly.  I feel a connection to all that is.

The gongs transport me to another dimension where the dragons live.  Where the dragons fly in a world full of colour, peace, tranquillity and freedom, where I can be my most unique and authentic self.

We are asleep and yet we are awake as we drift on the clouds of sound from the gongs.  A blissful, womb-like space where we are safe and nurtured.

We receive what we need at that moment in time.  We create a capsule, a new memory, full of wonder and magic.

So why not come and join me.  A time just for you with no restrictions, no beliefs and no rules; a space to heal, to learn, to open our hearts to receive.