EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

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As an Advanced EFT Practitioner and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner I am able to teach and guide you through these transformative techniques which will help:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • You feel calmer
  • Enable you to think more clearly
  • Deal with food cravings
  • Improve physiological symptoms
  • Improve your mental health
  • Sleep better
  • PTSD
  • Phobias

Tapping for Positive Mental Health

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as the name suggests allows you to free yourself, or at least reduce your attachment, to emotional responses associated with difficult or painful experiences in your life story.

EFT is a simple, non-invasive method of tapping on the hands and body.  The tapping points are based on the ancient system of acupuncture.  Each of the acupoints on the body lie along meridians, or energy channels, in your body.  It is like acupuncture without the needles.

By learning to tap you will begin to understand your emotional triggers, beliefs you formed in childhood and why you react the way you do.

You can’t change what happened to you, but you can change the way you react.

The tapping technique focuses on certain acupoints which send a message to the brain, letting it know that it needs to take notice of some new information coming in.

We begin by tapping on the side of the hand, the Karate Chop point,

while saying out loud the issue that you wish to focus on.  We give the issue a number between 0-10 based on your perception of the intensity of your feelings around the problem.  We use phrases such as:  ‘Even though I feel overwhelmed, I love and accept myself anyway’.  When the intensity is lower and you feel calmer about the issue, then we move onto tapping on the acupoints on the face and body.

Together we will tap whilst verbally and energetically tuning into the issue – emotional, physical, mental or spiritual . We tap on the different acupoints on the body whilst repeating a reminder phrase about the issue. This reduces the fight or flight signal from the brain and results in emotional and cognitive shifts.

The tapping releases blocked/negative energy in your physical and emotional fields, helping you to understand what has caused the block. Once the blocked/negative energy has been released it allows you to move on with your life and your body to begin the healing process.

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting goes one step further with a personal development technique that dramatically improves health and wellbeing by allowing you to access and transform painful memories that may be holding you trapped in the past.

When we experience trauma part of our consciousness splits away into a trauma bubble, known as an ECHO – Energy Consciousness Holograms.  The aim of Matrix Reimprinting is to provide you with resources to enable you to reframe and change habitual patterns and beliefs associated with the trauma and create empowering new images and beliefs to enable you to move forwards with your life with positivity and confidence.

Some benefits of Matrix Reimprinting are:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Quickly finds core issues.
  • Locates pre-conscious trauma (pre 6 years)
  • Allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained.
  • Sends a message to the body that the trauma is over.
  • Allows you to have a more positive picture of past issues.
  • Powerfully utilises the Law of Attraction.
  • Literally rewrites the past and transforms your future!

Going through this process gently and lovingly together you may feel like a great weight has been lifted from you. Because you feel differently about what happened it can be difficult to remember the traumatic memories you had of the issue and feel much more positive.

This is the beginning of the healing process, often a deep healing occurs and you will need to give yourself time and plenty of tlc and rest to allow your mind, body and spirit to reboot and recharge.

Altogether EFT and Matrix Reimprinting is your first step to feeling much more positive about yourself, resolve things from your past and feel more in control of your life.