What I do here at The Holistic Wellbeing Hub

The Holistic Wellbeing Hub is at the heart who I am. A safe, nurturing environment, a space for you to relax and reconnect with yourself. There is always time for a chat and a cuppa so that we can tailor make a personal plan just for you.

In the Holistic Wellbeing Hub I offer:

  • Small group Gong Sound Meditation .
  • Online drum meditation.
  • 1:1 Gong Sound Meditation.
  • Bespoke small group spa days.
  • EFT/Matrix Reimprinting 1:1 sessions.
  • Tarot Guidance.
  • 1:1 Reiki and Reiki Drum sessions.
  • 1:1 Crystal Healing/Crystal Reiki sessions.

Services Available

There are many services that I provide here at The Holistic Wellbeing Hub below are just some of the services I offer. Along with Gong Sound Meditation, Tarot Guidance, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Reiki Drum Healing & Meditation, I also have sessions available for EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. You can find out more about my services below:

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting
Reiki, Reiki Drum and Crystal Healing
Gong Sound Mediation


FREE TO BE ME: Using Meditation and EFT/Matrix Reimprinting to help you remove the anxiety drain so you can make choices and have freedom to focus on who you really are.

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About Jan Hiscock

Have you ever felt lost and alone, I know I did. I couldn’t understand it. I had everything I needed – a nice home, loving family, friends, food on the table, but there just seemed to be something missing.

I am a mother of twin girls who I am very proud of, love living in the countryside with my husband and family and try to walk with my dog every day in the woods. This is where I can connect with nature and myself. A mindful walk through the trees is not only magical but refreshes and re-energises my soul. But there was still something missing – and that was me – THE TRUE ME. Somewhere over the years I had got lost in working, being a Mum, trying to keep everyone happy, that is all except me. It felt like there was a piece of the jigsaw missing from my life and I felt this in my Solar Plexus, that slightly icky feeling you get in your tummy when something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe you are feeling this too.

I believe in a holistic approach and am committed to offering you what you need. Everyone has their personal journey and I am keen to make sure that what I offer is tailor made for you. This could be a stand-alone therapy or a combination of the services that I offer. It will grow and develop as we go along, I am always happy to listen

My ethos is to empower people to find their path, to heal their past and to move forwards with confidence and their head held high. We all have ups and downs in our lives and it is important to see life’s obstacles as hurdles that can be overcome rather than brick walls that keep us stuck.

So come on in, see how I can guide and empower you. Let me hold your hand as you step onto your path and begin your own amazing journey.

I look forward to meeting you.

Blessings Jan xxx